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Representatives of Raven Security Associates possess diverse backgrounds spanning a combined 25 years experience in military, corrections, academia, law, and emergency medical services. Together we draw from our achievements in government think tanks, contract work, scientific publication, and presenting in various professional, academic, and government environments. Both our formal academic education and our practical security experience yields a unique mindset. Our comprehensive and innovative approach allows us to create organic and proactive solutions to security challenges. The end result of this collaboration creates practical security measures, ensures the safety and satisfaction of our clientele, and supports continuity of core business operations.


A robust academic and scientific background lends itself to the drafting and design of emergency procedures and security protocols. Our consultants have delivered actionable white papers to the US Government, lectured and performed research in the fields of Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology, and enacted policy as both enlisted personnel as well as private citizens. Our teams review and execute security contracts for public and private facilities and work closely with our clientele to create organic policy that is capable of growing and adapting to their needs

We possess detailed site security experience with numerous operational parameters in both civilian and combat theaters. Considerations include: patrol organization, perimeter, large site, and scattered site security, enhanced crowd control, entry point management, vehicle interdiction, convoy management, and hazardous materials handling.

Our personnel secure high profile events which command special security considerations due to the presence of notable attendees. These individuals include politicians, entertainers, athletes, and other VIPs as well as vulnerable populations such as minors, the elderly, and the disabled. Should the need arise, we are trained and equipped to provide close protection details to certain principals as the mission dictates.

We believe in taking proactive measures to identify and mitigate potential elements of disruption before they manifest. Force de-escalation techniques, entry point management, threat identification, and constant communication with personnel and staff helps to ensure a safe environment in which guests can relax and have a good time. Whether manning a single point of entry at a local pop-up or staffing multiple personnel across the city for Fashion Week or the College World Series, our goal remains the same: to ensure the enjoyment and safety of your guests and staff.

Our Team

Thomas Shirazi has a Master’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Organizations and Gangs. His educational experience is centered around research as well as an in depth and thorough understanding of organizations and the people who populate them. Thomas teaches Sociology and Criminology at Iowa Western Community College and guest lectures on gangs and criminal organizations at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has been an active participant in various martial arts for the last 15 years, has held the position of Associate Instructor at Dragon Arts Kung Fu, and currently cross trains at Omaha Kali. To supplement this hand to hand experience, he also trains extensively in the use of firearms and instructs fencing and wrestling curriculum with Omaha KDF. Thomas has had a unique opportunity to partake in a think tank for USSTRATCOM through the Global Innovation and Strategy Center, now known as J9 Mission Assessment and Analysis Directorate. This intensive program allowed him to expand his research capabilities by providing new and interesting challenges in the field of cybersecurity and information assurance. Working with the USG to develop a white paper on Cyber as the fifth domain of warfare has given him an in depth understanding of hierarchical organizations as well as the practical application of policy and research. For the last 6 years Thomas has been deeply involved in the field of Private Security. He has lead the development of security protocols and patrol models currently in use at event centers and neighborhoods around the Greater Omaha Area. He is one of the founding members of Raven Security Associates and his primary responsibilities include training security personnel for placement, intellectual property management, and contract acquisition and supervision.

Zach Cook is a Marine Corps veteran, attaining the rank of Corporal, and serving two combat tours in Iraq where he gained extensive experience in security operations such as convoy operations, check-point operations and management and site security. His service educated him on small-group leadership and managing teams in ongoing and fluid high-stress situations. During this time he was awarded various medals and ribbons, such and the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon and the Purple Heart. For the last decade, since returning to the civilian sector, Zach has been in the Security field. He has been involved in the development of security protocols and patrol models in current use at event centers and neighborhoods around the Greater Omaha Area. He is one of the founding members of Raven Security Associates and his primary responsibilities include training security personnel for placement, intellectual property management, and contract acquisition and supervision. Zach has an Associate's degree in Video Communications from Metropolitan Community College. His experience in the Film industry has given him a keen sense of how people and actions are perceived under specific lenses. He has participated in local projects both in front of and behind the camera. During this time he has worked with local professional lighting company Theatrical Media Services, giving him an all-access-pass to events of all kinds from small local business conventions to large arena events with attendees numbering in the tens of thousands. His experiences in event production have not only instilled an understanding of the process, but have also allowed him to build a firm understanding of the security risks and procedures associated with these unique situations. Martial arts training has been a presence in Zach's life for over a decade and he currently trains at Omaha KDF. This builds on his extensive firearms training from the Marine Corps, which he maintains regularly at local firing ranges.